About Us

Corporate Overview

Prognomix Inc. is a privately held Personalized Medicine company incorporated in Montreal in 2005 and focused on discovery and clinical application of genomic signatures predictive of susceptibility to diseases, their complications and individual therapeutic responsiveness. The company has made significant progress in the identification of the genomic features associated with complications of type II diabetes (T2D). Based on these findings Prognomix has developed a prototype of a molecular diagnostic kit that will include clinical, genomic and epigenomic markers.

Prognomix aspires to shift the emphasis in medicine from reaction to prevention in individualized care and to reduce the time and cost of clinical trials by stratification of groups of T2D patients at increased risk of cardiovascular outcomes. The company is concentrating on developing a molecular diagnostic test for detection of risks to develop renal, ocular, cardiac, cerebral, vascular and other complications of diabetic disease. Recent estimates suggest that 285 million people throughout the world have diabetes, mainly T2D. This number was 194 million in 2003 and is expected to increase to 330, maybe even 438 million, by 2030, a majority of whom are at risk of premature cardiovascular complications.

Vision / Mission

The mission of Prognomix Inc. (Prognosis & Genomics) is the development of pre-symptomatic diagnostic tools of diabetic complications based on genomic signatures aimed at prevention.