About Us

Corporate Partnership

Biogenix Inc. (www.biogenix.ca) is a service-based company offering to both biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries a marked increase in productivity and reliability through the implantation of integrated bioinformatics platforms specifically tailored to suit their environment., Dr. Benoit Deslauriers, President and Chief Executive Officer.

CRCHUM (www.chumtl.qc.ca/crchum.fr.html). Integrated clinical research centre of the largest University hospital of Québec, CHUM, focused on innovation, non invasive exploration and technology knowledge transfer towards population. With Canadian Funds for Innovation, our scientists built the Centre for Ecogenomic Models of Human Diseases (directed by P. Hamet), a cornerstone of our academic interactions with CRCHUM.

Medpharmgene Inc. (www.medpharmgene.ca) responsible of the coordination of the North American part of the ADVANCE study and of ADVANCE-ON GENES. A private academic research organization, Medpharmgene designs and runs academically driven studies, offers expertise to biopharmaceutical companies under flexible conditions ranging from standard fee-for-service agreements to collaborative research agreements.

The George Institute for Global Health (www.georgeinstitute.org) designs and manages large-scale clinical trials for the Institute and for pharmaceutical and medical research organisations. It managed pivotal large trials in cardiovascular area such as PROGRESS and ADVANCE trials.