Technology Highlights

  • Whole Genome Association Studies (WGAS) in T2D patients of Caucasian origin with and without complications; 2.4 billion genotypes and 800 million CNV
  • Capacity to perform high throughput genomic and epigenomic analysis
  • Identification of genomic features associated with diabetic complications
  • Development of companion diagnostics targeted at primary prevention
  • Biomarker development & registration including clinical validity & utility

To date the following results have been obtained and described in a patent applications filed by Prognomix in 2008 and 2009

  • Identification of over 1000 SNPs highly significantly associated with diabetic complications (kidney damage, myocardial infarction and stroke)
  • Identification of risk and protective alleles and of genes and pathways associated with a specific or combined diabetic complications
  • Identification of a set of SNPs pertinent to geo-ethnic sub-groups among Caucasians to be used for population stratification correction

Integrated Strategy for Diabetes Complications Prevention